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Broadflow specializes in assisting broadcasters to get the full potential out of their critical business metadata. Offering tailor-made consulting, we work closely with our clients helping guide them to implementing a full end-to-end solution, from full requirement coverage to seamless data integration between all mission critical systems. The result is an immediate increase in workflow efficiency, reduced operation costs, and most important, all the necessary information is at your fingertips.

We offer custom and scalable consulting services, suited exactly to our clients needs and budget. From requirement gathering, through to procurement and tender management, implementation,  data analysis and Business Intelligence (BI). During the whole process, our team of consultants ensure that all business requirements are constantly being met.

We have very close working relationships with all the major broadcast management systems (a.k.a channel management systems or broadcast traffic systems) vendors. This, together with our years of experience in the field, enables us to offer our customers vital insight during any procurement process. Working hand in hand with the customer, we ensure that they get more than just a system, but rather a full, end-to-end, integrated solution, that when rolled out, is a perfect fit to the customer's needs.

We know you are on a tight budget and timetable. Therefore, special efforts is made to implement a solution that will not only address all present and future requirements, but also embraces the set financial guidelines and project schedule.​




At Broadflow, the one stage of any implementation project we value the most is the one before the project has even started: defining requirements.

​Over the years, while working for the different vendors, and after seeing many implementation projects miss the target, we have come to identify the main reasons that result in projects exceeding planned schedule and budget. Some of these reasons are the fault of the vendor. Others the fault of the customer. However, in almost all cases, the majority of issues and problems could have easily been avoided if both parties had have paid more attention to detail early in the process. Unfortunately, many issues arise later on, making it more difficult, more expensive and longer to put right.

With our years of experience, we are able to identify risk factors at an early stage. We know the right questions to ask. We know what crucial information the vendors needs. And most importantly, we know how to best translate that information into a practical solution.



There are many broadcast metadata and business management systems on the market today.

All the systems on the market more or less cover the same business activities. Some do it better than others. Some excel in programme and acquisitions management whereas others stand out thanks to their airtime sales management capabilities.

One thing is for sure. All the vendors know how to promise that you are getting the best solution if you choose to use their product. But...

  • How can you see past the functionality that is being presented to you in a demo?

  • How do you know which vendor will give you the best post-sales service?

  • How do you know to identify hidden costs?

  • How can you be sure that future requirements will also be covered by the systems without burning a hole in your pocket?

  • Which system will give you the best ROI?

  • How do you choose which system is best for you?


This is by no means an easy task. But with the help of the vast experience of Broadflow, you can be sure that the solution selected with be the one best suited to your needs, requirements, future plans and of course, budget.




Delivering content used to be easy. You had one delivery platform, one single format, and if all was defined correctly, you had relatively zero concerns.

However, today things are a lot different. With content being delivered across multiple platforms and in a variety of formats, things have become a lot more complex.

In addition, the services being offered to the viewers are constantly expanding, which only makes the task of managing all the data and getting all systems in sync that more challenging. This is accompanied by the increases in the  dependency of third-party systems for a wide range of services, such as:

  •    Media management

  •    Delivery

  •    Graphics

  •    EPG management

  •    Pass-through playlists

  •    Conditional access

  •    Predictive Marketing

  •    Rating and Audience monitoring systems

         ….. and the list goes on and on


All of these third party systems are always going rely on the accuracy of your metadata, as well as the constant flow of updates. It is therefore inevitable not only to get the interface right; you also need to take a step back and to ensure that at all required supporting metadata is accounted for and is keyed-in in a correct manner, metadata that will serve important integrated systems that will using this data to deliver the correct content to the viewer.

Broadflow has the experience and knowledge to be able to see the whole picture, from beginning to end, and ensure that the integration with external systems is not only complete, but is also as seamless as possible.



BI and Analytics

To stay competitive in today's broadcasting market, you not only need to manage your data and business information in a well-structured fashion, but it is also necessary to turn the power of this data into revenue.At Broadflow we offer you just that through our Business Intelligence and Big Data solution in the form of a generic model we have developed and implemented at our customers, using well known, state-of-the-art BI systems. Our experienced BI consultants will have a system up and running in a matter of just a few weeks. The result is information at your fingertips while cross-referencing data from multiple sources, including third-party systems, with limitless options for analysing the data as you see fit.This flexible and scalable solution allows management on all levels to reach better decisions based on facts and not just assumptions, increase visibility, help monitor performance and achievements through all departments and most importantly, generate an almost immediate increase in revenue.


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